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    Lance Greene She told me, she does her hair, inbox her for information about if she will do yours and her price

    Rashida Griffin
    Changed profile picture.

    Greetings folks. This me!! Not the only me but the part I’m exploring for the time being. I’m all about my hair being an outward expression of my inward feelings. In the current moment I’m expressing my love of color by changing my hair color based on however I may be feeling while sharing the natural textures of my hair. Yes I said textures. My hair is as different I my mood is throughout the day and I’ve learned to love it.

    Long ago before wearing other peoples hair became away of life, from the 2nd to the 4th grade I was a hair sniffer. I do not know if it was meant for me to do something with hair.

    How does Bosley work? if you know inbox me, I am curious

    Renaissance Austin
    Changed profile picture.

    Renaissance Austin Hello everyone this is my new profile photo. I have just joined this site and I have blue hair. My hair has been blue for 19 years. I look forward to diving into hair Journeys with you.

    Finished product by Joanne. Interested? Inbox your request for service and/or prices.

    Work in progress

    Chelly G
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