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    Long ago before wearing other peoples hair became away of life, from the 2nd to the 4th grade I was a hair sniffer. I do not know if it was meant for me to do something with hair.

    How does Bosley work? if you know inbox me, I am curious

    Renaissance Austin
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    Renaissance Austin Hello everyone this is my new profile photo. I have just joined this site and I have blue hair. My hair has been blue for 19 years. I look forward to diving into hair Journeys with you.

    Finished product by Joanne. Interested? Inbox your request for service and/or prices.

    Work in progress

    Chelly G
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    Kenya Maye
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    Chelly G Nice hair what kind of hair is that

    Chelly G Nice hair what kind of hair is that

    Kenya Maye Its called Real by Bobbi boss

    Kenya Maye You can get it on 120th and central n a plaza across from taco Pete

    As a teenager before I let my hair grow my mother has a photo of her holding me at a beach. In that photo my hair was in braids, this was a large reason for me waiting braids as a teenager. I have a younger brother and we would get hair cuts and his hair would always beach(wave up). My hair never ever did that, I often wondered why because he did not wear wave caps it was natural!. Because my hair never did that i would get low cuts until I was able to grow it and I had a decent length of hair for years but after it stopped growing, I cut it off. Today I still wear a low cut because my hair never beached!

    I remember going to a shop on pico west of la brea with some of my folks. The older of the two got a shave with a razor, then a very hot towel was placed on his head. I am not certain why, but after I cut my hair with clippers then with something that gets closer to my scalp,ONLY on the top placing a very hot towel on my head no less than 3 times HELPS avoid hair bumps!