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    Very popular area for hair shops Los Angeles/ Westchester. Near Manchester and sepulveda. 8631 near truxton and 87th street.

    This shop is also in Los Angeles/ Westchester on Manchester. In large the photo to see the rest of the information.

    Located in the city of Los Angeles/Westchester on Manchester. The address is 6210.

    Lots of hair businesses on Atlantic in the city of Long Beach.

    Call the number for information, the shops are next door to each other but offer different services

    Located at 5731 Atlantic in north Long Beach, ask for NOMINEE The barber

    Lance Greene Located in the city of Long Beach, Ca

    Photo number 2, I did not know there was a shop in the south bay area that still gave haircuts for $10 dollars.

    If you are interested in learning more about hair interested in schooling About Hair visit hairgym.com

    I want to know, when your hair is colored what is best used to get the color out? Or do you allow the color to fade out.