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    Lance Greene

    VERY INTERESTING name for a shop: COOKIE CUTTERS, haircuts for kids located on artesia and aviation in Manhattan Beach

    Long ago before wearing other peoples hair became away of life, from the 2nd to the 4th grade I was a hair sniffer. I do not know if it was meant for me to do something with hair.

    How does Bosley work? if you know inbox me, I am curious

    As a teenager before I let my hair grow my mother has a photo of her holding me at a beach. In that photo my hair was in braids, this was a large reason for me waiting braids as a teenager. I have a younger brother and we would get hair cuts and his hair would always beach(wave up). My hair never ever did that, I often wondered why because he did not wear wave caps it was natural!. Because my hair never did that i would get low cuts until I was able to grow it and I had a decent length of hair for years but after it stopped growing, I cut it off. Today I still wear a low cut because my hair never beached!

    I remember going to a shop on pico west of la brea with some of my folks. The older of the two got a shave with a razor, then a very hot towel was placed on his head. I am not certain why, but after I cut my hair with clippers then with something that gets closer to my scalp,ONLY on the top placing a very hot towel on my head no less than 3 times HELPS avoid hair bumps!

    Hair tip of the day: I do not walk around smelling peoples hair, but some hair smells hit your nose hard!. If you are active rather sports, a power walker, jogger, and or heavy runner PLEASE wash your hair. I am not recommending any product, but use whatever to get the bad smell to go away!

    Newella Rosemond There’s also spray for those who don’t have time for an actual wash.

    Lots of hair styles I see women with,
    (natural or not natural) during the conversation I am being told the style is self done. I often thought a woman with a nice hair style spent lots of time and money at a shop. Many women save money and do their own hair just as good as someone that works in a shop!

    PINK BEAUTY SUPPLY locations, 1. 639 E. el segundo blvd#A in los angeles any questions call 323.777.7628. 2. 8529 artesia blvd in bellflower any questions call 562.408.4805. 3. 131 S. long beach blvd#C in compton any questions call 310.631.3464. i went into to the location in compton and if the other locations are stocked the similar, then this is a great place with a wide variety of hair products!

    for all women that experience hair loss, please visit KERANIQUE.com and for those that do use the products please post how the products worked out for you.

    VERY, VERY disturbing news yesterday! One of my kinfolk told me he pays not 20 not even 25 but 30 dollars for 1 haircut. Not get this for 15 and come back and the next one is paid for, 30 dollars(yen) for 1 haircut! TOO MUCH.