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    Lance Greene

    THE IMPORTANCE OF HAIR: i seen two women fight a couple hours ago. The fight could have been avoided, but lots of hair pulling and holding the other woman's hair for an advantage. Punching not so much, but after the fight, the cops(5-0,or 12) came. The woman that stayed outside, explaining the reason for fight, continued to mention her "Pocahontas" long braids being pulled on and pulled out. I even watched the same woman get her braids cut, to keep them for getting pulled out more. No blood in the street, but there were " Pocahontas" long braids in the street. THE IMPORTANCE OF HAIR

    Located 18505 AVALON blvd. in Carson, Ca. 424.328.1480 for any questions. TRUE HAIR AFFAIR SALON ask for Miss Victoria the owner. A full service salon, custom wigs, and human hair extensions. Instagram@truehairaffair

    I am certain, for men and women that shave a preferred razor is necessary!. I was against using razors, only because the thought and sight of the OH NO'S(hair bumps) were always in my mind. In a video with my GREAT uncle, he recommended witch hazel, and he was correct. I use it after every shave and my choice of razors come from the 99. In the bag i get i got more than 5 razors and the price was very reasonable. I no longer use Clippers to cut my hair, i am a proud blue razor user, and if you get razors from the 99, you know the pack.

    I used a razor, my first time. So far no bumps, I did not use any shaving cream. I did use lots of DOVE soap. I also used witch hazel to rub over my head after. I was told using that HELPS keep bumps away. Very smooth feel, and the razors came from one of my FAVORITE shopping spots THE 99!. I will let you know if the OH NO's (bumps) come.

    Finish look left side top side view.

    Finish look rear right top view look after my cut.

    Front face view after my cut using wahl clippers and Philips body groomer.

    Wash down after my cut.

    Front face view with dove soap before body groomer cut, for the top of my head.

    Top view of my head covered with dove soap. No shaving cream