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    The best DIY deep conditioner that promotes growth and defines your curl pattern. Ingredients:
    1 lrg banana perferably really ripe
    1 lrg avacado semi ripe
    2 tablespoons of RAW honey
    16 oz. Distilled or alkaline water (ph 8.0-9.0)
    3 teaspoon Black castor oil
    3 teaspoons Joboba oil
    1 reaspoon Vitamin E oil
    3 tablespoons Raw shea butter
    Untensils needee:
    2 Medium size mixing bowl
    Mash banana with fork in a bowl
    Add a little water to aid in the process
    Continue to mash banana until it reaches a liquefied consistency
    Strain banana mixture until there is only liquid left. There should be NO particles left in the mixture( the banana particles are extremely difficult to remove from your hair.)
    No mash avocado. Add a little of the water once completely liquefied add to banana mixture.
    Add in all of the oils, shea butter, and honey.
    Mix all products together
    Apply to your from root to tip. I like to saturate my trouble areas( the middle of my head). I let the conditioner sit for 5-10 minutes under a dryer or in the sun. I found if i let it sit any longer the banana clumps. Rinse with cold water. This seals in the moisture. Repeat once a month.

    VERY, VERY disturbing news yesterday! One of my kinfolk told me he pays not 20 not even 25 but 30 dollars for 1 haircut. Not get this for 15 and come back and the next one is paid for, 30 dollars(yen) for 1 haircut! TOO MUCH.

    Lance Greene PLEASE listen, the PROOF is in the HAIR!

    Lance Greene FINALLY, the answer to my question!. Thanks great uncle C.B.

    Eleanna Maclearn
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    Lance Greene i seen her in person, all natural hair!

    Stacy .
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    Lance Greene i often wonder, when i see women with different color hair or streaks how exactly it gets done

    Quisha Eatmon
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    3 years ago I decided to cut all my hair off and go natural. It was the best thing I ever did.