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    New cut new start

    Rock in twist

    Lance Greene I like those!

    Hair tip of the day: I do not walk around smelling peoples hair, but some hair smells hit your nose hard!. If you are active rather sports, a power walker, jogger, and or heavy runner PLEASE wash your hair. I am not recommending any product, but use whatever to get the bad smell to go away!

    Newella Rosemond There’s also spray for those who don’t have time for an actual wash.

    Lots of hair styles I see women with,
    (natural or not natural) during the conversation I am being told the style is self done. I often thought a woman with a nice hair style spent lots of time and money at a shop. Many women save money and do their own hair just as good as someone that works in a shop!

    Lance Greene Support miss golden, as you can see talent is in her work.

    Shanisha Golden Thank you

    Lance Greene Nisha has skills! Nisha has skills!