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    Quisha Eatmon
    Changed profile picture.

    3 years ago I decided to cut all my hair off and go natural. It was the best thing I ever did.

    Trying a different color

    Lance Greene The ceo of this site use to have lots of hair, till one day it went away if you do not take care of your hair you too can get this way. Maybe not as low but i am for certain lack of taking care of your hair can or will leave you close to nothin'! Don't take your hair for granted, this look is not the way I planned it and look at the photo you know I'm not bluffin', Avoid stress or you too can end up with nothin'! Hairhasaface original poem.

    Lance Greene Natural hair, different color.

    If you need help growing your edges this is a really good product to use Pretty Strands.

    One of the best edge controls I’ve found so far.

    Lance Greene All natural hair.

    Lance Greene Another natural hair photo with a different color